Bharatkraft is your one stop shopping portal about all the Traditional Arts and Crafts of India. It will provide with all the nuances of the Art form and will also provide access to the Traditional Craftsmen and Women who are supporting the art and craft forms. Bharatkraft will help you learn about the geographical origins of the various art and craft forms and how they have been thriving despite the competition from the modern textiles and machine made good which are being mass produced. Bharatkraft deals in both B2C and B2B formats and works closely with the Artisans, Craftsmen and Designers of the various Arts and Craft forms prevalent in India. Bharatkraft has been conceived by alumni from the top institutions of India and abroad viz., EDHEC Business School, France, SKEMA Business School, France, IIT Bombay, TISS Mumbai and NIT Patna with a strong willed motivation to save the Traditional Arts and Crafts of India. We at Bharatkraft believe that the Traditional Arts and Crafts preserve the culture and tradition of India and can help us preserve the Light of the Ancient Civilization of India.